Bushcare work has been undertaken at Marmion Swamp for a significant number of years over two intervals – September 1998 – December 2006 and October 2008 – present.

Over that time, extensive areas have been improved, allowing natural regeneration to occur.

–  Ongoing control of Broom and other woody weeds, such as Blackberry, Privet and St Johns Wort, in the open area and bushland edges.

–  Planting of hundreds of local native trees, shrubs and groundlayer species in the open area above the swamp system to form a buffer by reducing weed infestations, prevent erosion during high waterflows and reduce the movement of sediments.

–  A significant reduction of Coreopsis on the western side of the planted zone, allowing extensive areas of natural regeneration of Epacris, native grasses and groundcover Grevillea species.

–  Swathes of Montbretia have been removed by “tagging”(pulling up the plants quickly) and also careful hand removal in finding the masses of historic corms.  

–  Construction of a soft-coir engineering device by volunteers on one of the main road pipe outlets to reduce the flow of water, capture sediments and weed propagules.

–  Expanded the work area to the track below the Waste Management Facility and towards the creek.  A substantial area of Blackberry, Privet and Himalayan Honeysuckle was removed/treated, as well as ongoing monitoring and maintenance.

–  A significant amount of work was also undertaken behind private properties, with the removal/treatment of Ivy, Holly, Privet and juvenile Pines.

–  Large pieces of rubbish, such as abandoned tyres and a trailer, were removed in past years as part of Clean-Up Australia Day Events.

–  Many bags of rubbish were removed from the area below the Waste Management Facility and that issue was raised with Waste Management.  Procedures at that Facility have since improved, with little to no rubbish.


In completing all that work, the Group is always seeking opportunities to continue to improve the condition of the Reserve to protect and increase the ecological function of the swamp system below.

The current objectives for the Reserve by the Group are:

–  Ongoing maintenance, monitoring and weeding of various areas of the Reserve, as required, particularly to support natural regeneration.

–  Regular planting of various tree, shrub and groundlayer species in areas that had previously been developed (as an orchard and then cricket pitch).

–  Request professional assistance to improve the road drainage into the Reserve.