Marmion Swamp Bushcare Group Webpage

Marmion Swamp Bushcare site is a beautiful bushland area, located in Marmion Road, North Leura (off Queens Road). 

The Bushcare Group mostly work in bushland above a stunning and extensive swamp system, which provides a protective buffer.  By increasing the plantings and weeding the buffer, the threats of invasive weeds, erosion and sedimentation are reduced for the swamp area below.  The buffer also provides wonderful habitat for a range of local wildlife, such as Wallabies, Lizards, Possums and many Bird species. 

Swathes of plantings to restore the Bushcare site Photo: Council

There are a range of work options available for various seasons.  The Group finds great satisfaction in assisting the site in different ways to extend the range of regenerating natural areas. 

Historically, some parts of the site were developed into an orchard and then a cricket pitch.  Planting in those areas has proven to be challenging, but we are pleased to see ongoing improvement. 

Planting to protect the swamp and provide habitat for local wildlife. Photo: Council

Over the years, a significant amount of work has been undertaken in various parts of the site and the edge of the swamp by the Bushcare Group, the Council Natural Areas Operations Team and contractors.  The contractors have particularly undertaken some sensitive erosion control work to stabilise the edges of waterflows into the swamp.  Other contract work has included sediment fencing, planting and the removal of woody weeds from the bushland edges of the swamp, in particular Broom and Japanese Honeysuckle.  There have been a number of Bushcare events conducted at the site over the years, removing swathes of Broom and planting hundreds of plants.  Clean-up Australia day events were also held at the site in the past, where a large amount of waste was removed – from dumped trailers, tyres, as well as a range of other types of rubbish.  Importantly, the Bushcare Group continues to improve the site and maintain past work each month. 

Erosion control device to slow waterflows from the road into the Bushcare site – constructed by volunteers Photo: Council
Sediment fencing and planting to slow water flows, reduce erosion and protect the swamp below Photo: Council

Occasionally, the Bushcare Group walks beyond their usual work areas to monitor and weed the bushland areas around the boundaries of the Waste Management Facility, the Cemetery and residential areas to further support the swamp system and Yosemite Creek.  This work links up with the efforts of the Council Natural Area Operations Team along Yosemite Creek, as well as other Bushcare Groups in that vicinity, so a combined approach is achieved. 

The Marmion Swamp Bushcare Group is a part of the Katoomba and Govetts Creek Catchment Group, where several Bushcare/Landcare Groups work together to improve the Catchment in a wholistic way.  It is a wonderful Group, making impressive progress in a beautiful area of environmental importance.

Don’t forget that a summary of your meeting details and Bushcare Officer is available on the main Bushcare site.